Our Classes

3 months to walking
Baby Jingles

Babies from around 3 months of age love Jo Jingles! Your baby can attend these classes until they are walking or are confident enough to join in with the more active toddlers in the older class.

Babies enjoy our gentle and relaxed introduction to singing, musical instruments and movement. Parents/Carers can join in as much or little as they like - the more enthusiastic you are, the more your baby will benefit.

Baby classes involve lots of gentle lap, sitting songs and tactile actions.

Jingle Babies classes help to develop babies' three main senses:

Sight, Sound and Touch. Simple movement is introduced and bouncing, lifting, carrying, cuddling and tickling are always very popular.

Our Baby Fun Time session includes the use a variety of props and bubbles........loved by babies and enjoyed by adults too!

Walking to 2yrs
Jingle Toddlers

Lively classes, perfect for walkers up to 2 years old. Little ones enjoy moving, sitting and action songs, inlcuding nursery rhymes like 'Ring a Roses', 'Jelly on a Plate' and 'Two Little Dicky Birds' plus Jo Jingles favourite 'Five Little Speckled Frogs' and 'Sleeping Bunnies'.

It's amazing how quickly our Jingle Toddlers learn how to play simple percussion instruments, such as tambourines, cymbals and shaped shakers; helping hand - eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.

Toddlers also develop gross motor skills, such as walking, balancing and crawling, using simple music and movement activities as well as the use of props.

See your toddler's confidence grow week by week as they join in with Jo Jingles activities, at their own pace, whilst developing fun friendships with others in the class - parents tend to get along too!

Jo Jinglers

Weekly pre-school learning themes such as transport, colours and numbers help your child to develop language, numeracy and communication skills and to identify with the world around them.

Your little ones will enjoy many action songs like 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' and 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow', designed to develop more skilled movements, and to encourage their imagination and creativity.

See your child become more adept at playing a variety of musical instruments such as claves and drums as well as learn musical concepts such as rhythm, pace and dynamics.

3 to 5yrs
Jingle Juniors

See your children's independence, confidence and social skills grow with Jingle Juniors classes.

Our weekly themes are more challenging with action songs, movement and instrument playing and with children learning to play as a band or use more than one instrument during a song.

Jingle Juniors are introduced to instruments from the brass, string, woodwind and percussion family.

'Music Theory' is also included in these classes: these are fun modules that build over a number of weeks covering topics such as 'Notation', 'Classical Music, 'Music from Around the World' and 'Musical Elements'.

Fun colouring sheets to reinforce the topics covered in each class are given to the children to enjoy at home.

5 to 7yrs
Music Time

Out-of-school hours classes and classes in schools means that our 5-7 year olds can continue to enjoy Jo Jingles and expand on their music knowledge.

Children are encouraged to think more independently about how the music makes them feel and what the music might be about.

See your child grow in confidence in playing along to music and also in developing their own rhythm.

With cutbacks in early years' music provision in schools Jo Jingles Music Time provides a perfect opportunity to really stumulate the imagination of young children. We introduce hand drums, xylophones and double guiros along with all our other Jo Jingles percussion instruments.

Class presenters work with schools to develop unique and lively programmes and children may be asked to try and make their own instruments too! There's lots of dancing and movement included in these sessions helping young children to keep fit!

Mixed Ages
Family Time

These sessions tend to be a bit more relaxed and are great fun for all the age groups including their Parent/Carer.


We've now launched online sessions - for jinglers old and new!

Bedtime Story with Jo

Lullaby Time
Lullaby time with Jo

Dear Jinglers Everywhere,

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation and guidelines provided by the Government and Public Health England* ( & all other relevant Regional Public Health agencies) our customers and class teacher safety and well-being is absolutely paramount.

Sadly, in view of the most recent news and recommendations Jo Jingles classes are now TEMPORARILY CLOSED in ALL areas.

However, you can still enjoy Jo Jingles @ Home – many of our Jingle areas are now offering fun online music sessions so contact your local Jo Jingles representative for further details either via Facebook or https://www.jojingles.com/find-class

If there’s not one available in your area at this time do take a look online to see where you can join another online session in our Network https://www.jojingles.com/find-class.

During this very difficult time we want to support families at home and provide some musical fun and entertainment for children.

If you would like to also stock up on musical goodies to accompany the sessions visit Jo’s Shop at https://www.jojingles.com/shop – it’s business as usual, at this time, for all online orders received.

This situation is evolving rapidly, and we will keep you updated if things change but in the meantime we are continuing to follow all necessary health and safety guidelines.

We’ll also shortly be announcing some NEW and exciting Jingle products too!

We will really miss all of our lovely ‘jinglers’ but hope to see you & all your friends again very soon,

A huge THANK YOU for your ongoing support.

Keep safe and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Best wishes

Jo Jingles xx

01494 778989 / email: headoffice@jojingles.co.uk