With the help of our cheery mascot doll ‘Jo’ our specially trained and experienced class teachers run the most popular and established music and movement classes across the UK, Ireland and now Australia!

?Can I try a class first?

Some of our franchise areas will offer a free trial class (subject to availability and at the Franchisee's discretion) but generally it takes most children 2 or 3 visits before fully settling at a class. Depending on area some of our Franchisees do also offer special promotional rates for starting classes.

?What if I change my mind?

Unfortunately if you have booked and paid for classes we cannot always guarantee money back if you change your mind. We understand that Jo Jingles is a new experience for a child but we do encourage you to attend at least half a term to allow your child the time to settle in and make friends. Following this, any refunds for classes not taken can be discussed with your class teacher and local franchisee.

?I have older/younger children too. Can they come to class?

Yes, we welcome older/younger siblings of those registered for class. If they would like to join in the class, you then pay for the additional child at a set rate agreed with the local teacher/franchisee.

?What do I need to bring/wear to class?

Dress comfortably as the classes are quite active and do require some sitting down, getting up and moving around. We find that drinks and snacks are not usually needed for the children during the 45-minute class, and some venues do not allow food or drink to be consumed on the premises, but do bring something with you if you feel your child may need a refreshment at some stage.

?What happens when my child is old enough to move to another class level?

We usually move children up to the next age-specific class at the end of the term after their birthday. You will be able to state your preferences for class time and venue and we will always do our best to accommodate your needs. Do bear in mind that the class age groups are just a guide and a less confident child may benefit from staying in their familiar class for a little longer. Equally, a very confident child may be moved up early if they need the extra stimulation of an older age group class. All children are individual!

?How much do classes cost?

Jo Jingles class prices start from c.£5.00 per session depending on the age-group of the class and prices do vary across the UK. In Ireland class prices start from €7 per session again depending on the class area. In many areas we provide a range of pricing options/discounts, plus special rates for siblings attending classes and we also provide a variety of class offers throughout the year. We do charge a Class Administration Fee of £3.90 per child per Term (@ January 2022) and if you require any further details on this please do contact Jo Jingles Head Office on 01494 778989.

?Can I pay for individual classes?

Generally we do not offer a "Pay Per Class" option as Jo Jingles is a structured activity with limited class numbers. To enable each child to get the most from the class it is necessary to have small, consistent groups each term. We provide a planned programme over the course of a term with each child playing an appropriate instrument.

?Coronavirus - What is Jo Jingles doing regarding adapting classes?

Since the start of the Coronavirus 'Lockdown' in March 2020 Jo Jingles has been offering online sessions with JoJingles@Home in many of our franchise areas. For details please take a look at https://www.jojingles.com/jojinglesathome. From April 12th, 2021 we have been back at public classes in many areas (including in Scotland) and are continuing to implement Covid safe policies and class procedures. All of our presenters have completed Infection Control training during the last 2 years and we produced our own 'Keeping Classes Covid-Safe' guidelines for participants at all sessions. Customer and Class Presenter safety is absolutely paramount to us so we will once again be concentrating on class hygiene procedures (washing/sanitising hands), staggered class start times, smaller classes (initially), one way routes into and out of class, reduced equipment at classes and ensuring social distancing requirements are maintained at all times as applicable in each region. The situation continues to change but please do contact your local Jo Jingles provider or our Head Office on 01494 778989 for any further details. Do also keep an eye on our Facebook Page. We are very grateful for all the support we've received during the last 2 years.

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01494 778989

Dear Jinglers Everywhere,

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation and guidelines provided by the Government and Public Health England* ( & all other relevant Regional Public Health agencies) our customers and class teacher safety and well-being is absolutely paramount.

Sadly, in view of the most recent news and recommendations Jo Jingles classes are now TEMPORARILY CLOSED in ALL areas.

However, you can still enjoy Jo Jingles @ Home – many of our Jingle areas are now offering fun online music sessions so contact your local Jo Jingles representative for further details either via Facebook or https://www.jojingles.com/find-class

If there’s not one available in your area at this time do take a look online to see where you can join another online session in our Network https://www.jojingles.com/find-class.

During this very difficult time we want to support families at home and provide some musical fun and entertainment for children.

If you would like to also stock up on musical goodies to accompany the sessions visit Jo’s Shop at https://www.jojingles.com/shop – it’s business as usual, at this time, for all online orders received.

This situation is evolving rapidly, and we will keep you updated if things change but in the meantime we are continuing to follow all necessary health and safety guidelines.

We’ll also shortly be announcing some NEW and exciting Jingle products too!

We will really miss all of our lovely ‘jinglers’ but hope to see you & all your friends again very soon,

A huge THANK YOU for your ongoing support.

Keep safe and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Best wishes

Jo Jingles xx

01494 778989 / email: headoffice@jojingles.co.uk