From Class Teacher to Franchise Owner: A Journey with Jo Jingles

Balancing Family Life and Passion: A Journey with Jo Jingles

After the birth of my third child, I sought a career that would fit seamlessly around my home life and children. The timing couldn't have been better when the previous Jo Jingles franchisee was selling just as I was due to return to work. With a background as a qualified primary school teacher specializing in Early Years, Jo Jingles provided the perfect opportunity for me to continue working with children while maintaining flexible hours that suited my family.

The passion that head office had for the Jo Jingles brand was infectious. Their enthusiasm and dedication to creating a supportive network made me want to be part of it. Jo Jingles was a strong, reputable brand that I felt aligned with my values and creativity.

To finance the franchise purchase, I used my savings and a loan from my family. One crucial piece of advice I’d offer is to have a solicitor review the contract with you.

Franchise agreements can be heavily weighted in favor of the franchisor, so it's essential to understand all the terms, especially those that might affect your business when you're looking to sell. Additionally, consult with an accountant to review any previous financial figures to ensure the business can provide a sustainable income.

It's also important to prepare for market fluctuations and unforeseen events, such as global pandemics. Speak to existing franchisees to get honest evaluations of the franchise and their confidence in its direction. Thoroughly research your area to understand how the franchise will fit within your market and what support you will receive with marketing and business operations.

Jo Jingles is a fantastic brand, and I am proud to be part of it. It continues to grow and provide children and parents with a fun and educational introduction to music for Early Years. This journey has allowed me to balance my professional aspirations with my family life, and I hope to see Jo Jingles thrive and positively impact many more lives.

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Dear Jinglers Everywhere,

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation and guidelines provided by the Government and Public Health England* ( & all other relevant Regional Public Health agencies) our customers and class teacher safety and well-being is absolutely paramount.

Sadly, in view of the most recent news and recommendations Jo Jingles classes are now TEMPORARILY CLOSED in ALL areas.

However, you can still enjoy Jo Jingles @ Home – many of our Jingle areas are now offering fun online music sessions so contact your local Jo Jingles representative for further details either via Facebook or https://www.jojingles.com/find-class

If there’s not one available in your area at this time do take a look online to see where you can join another online session in our Network https://www.jojingles.com/find-class.

During this very difficult time we want to support families at home and provide some musical fun and entertainment for children.

If you would like to also stock up on musical goodies to accompany the sessions visit Jo’s Shop at https://www.jojingles.com/shop – it’s business as usual, at this time, for all online orders received.

This situation is evolving rapidly, and we will keep you updated if things change but in the meantime we are continuing to follow all necessary health and safety guidelines.

We’ll also shortly be announcing some NEW and exciting Jingle products too!

We will really miss all of our lovely ‘jinglers’ but hope to see you & all your friends again very soon,

A huge THANK YOU for your ongoing support.

Keep safe and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Best wishes

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