Jen Runs Howth Sumitt 10Km for Blood Clot Awarness!!❤️

"My Story" - April 1st 2017 I was diagnosed with a very rare and life threatening condition called Portal Vein Thrombosis!  Basically I had a massive and extensive blood clot on the 3 main veins that lead into the liver! 

I was very ill and spent 2 weeks in hospital but thankfully to the good work of the doctors and nurses I was able to come home to my family.  It took me 4 months to be able to return to my Jo Jingles classes!  I now live with a lifelong liver condition and part of the blood clot has hardened and will never go away!  I am on blood thinners for life and continue to be monitored in the Royal Hospital Liver Clinic.  Thankfully I am now in good health and able to continue to do what I love....Jo Jingles and Running!!

The Thrombosis Charity has bee a great support to me through my journey!  And continues to do great work raising awareness about blood clots!  Did you know that you are at increased risk of cltting during pregnancy, after surgery, or while being on certain birth control pills!

To know all the signs and risks go to www.thrombosisireland.ie or www.thrombosisuk.org

Follow the link to make a donation to my giving page www.idonate.ie/JenniferONeill138

Many thanks for your support!! xx 



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