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If you are considering buying a Jo Jingles franchise, there is no better way to find out more (and get an honest opinion!) than by talking to one of our franchisees! Our network of franchisees come from such wide-ranging backgrounds including former: professional singers, dancers, solicitors, college lecturers, teachers, music agents to name a few! Together they create a wonderful team of personalities that help form the Jo Jingles Network.
Take a look at some of our franchisees:

Jo Jingles.

Meet Gillian

Jo Jingles Glasgow South

Former police constable and ex-accountant Gillian Glass, is now feeling the beat rather than being on it, having transformed her skills from restoring law and order in the local community to bringing music and song to the lives of young children in the southern Glasgow region.

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Meet Aileen

Jo Jingles Stirling

For 17 years speech and language therapist Aileen Robinson specialised in medicine for the elderly before working for a medical charity for a further 10 years. But in 2009, (with her own elderly parent to care for) she chose to draw a line between her home and professional life and decided it was time for a change. Today she has progressed to teaching an entirely new language; the language of music and song for preschool children in Stirling.

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Meet Andreas

Jo Jingles Stamford

Fed up that time spent commuting to his job in a bank meant less time to spend with his daughter, Andreas Alkiviades decided with his recruitment consultant wife that one of them needed to change career to create a better family life.

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