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Marj Spendlow, Deputy Manager at Barrowby Preschool in Grantham has kindly shared her experience of bringing Jo Jingles classes to an Early Years setting. If you're interested in bringing fun and educational music and movement classes to your Nursery, find out more about our pre-school, nursery, playgroup, children's centre or school sessions near you here.

Jo Jingles classes in our Nursery

The children in our preschool are aged 2 years upwards and Jo Jingles visits us once a week. During class, the children learn a variety of skills and concepts which they develop further as they grow. Children’s brains develop at their fastest rate in the first three years of their life so it makes sense to offer rich sensory learning experiences such as the musical activities that Jo Jingles provides.

How do Jo Jingles classes benefit children in Nursery and Pre-school settings?

Jo Jingles is an educational, singing and movement session which can also be linked to the guidelines set by the EYFS. Personal social and emotional development, physical development, communication and language - listening and attention, are the characteristics of effective learning and these all play a key part in the sessions run by Jo Jingles.

What can you expect from a Jo Jingles nursery class?

All children love to make noise and have fun, and with the help of Jo Jingles they do just this with a variety of instruments and their voice as sing, move and play along to different types of music. The classes introduce them to dynamics, pitch, and tempo and playing percussion instruments along to music is also a great way for the children to discover the pulse and beat of a song.

Basic skills such as listening, holding attention, following instructions and copying movements are developed in Jo Jingles classes and children will build social skills, gain confidence and stimulate key physical development from dancing and movement to music. By asking simple questions to engage children, language and communication skills are also developed.

Children develop core motor and language skills through structured music and movement classes

  • Hand-eye co-ordination is developed as children bring their hands into contact with musical instruments and develop eye strength when focusing on different objects/people at varying distances around the room.
  • Children develop body and spacial awareness as they move around the room navigating people, space and objects
  • Music and movement combined are a great way to stimulate young children. For example, as a child marches around the room to music playing a drum, they are listening to the music, co-ordinating their walking in time with the beat whilst using hand, eye coordination to beat the drum - building complex connections in their brain.
  • Songs which require movement or specific actions, help children learn to co-ordinate their hands, feet and bodies in actions that are not normally part of everyday life but can help develop extensive connections across their brain.
  • Songs with a beat or lyrics which encourage children to walk, hop, jump, gallop, skip, crawl, stamp, or creep all help develop their motor skills, balance and co-ordination.
  • Jo Jingles uses songs which ask children to swing, stretch, bend, twist and spin to help to develop their body awareness and balance. Musical activities are multi-sensory and because they involve vision, hearing and movement, so many areas of the brain are involved and stimulated. They learn to drive their bodies in movements which match the music, then change them when the music or the lyrics asks them to.
  • All children develop their language capabilities by learning the words of the song, with the aid of the rhyme, rhythm and music.
  • There are lots of sequences in music, whether they are words, rhythms, melodies or actions - these all help to develop memory as they recall what they previously learned.

Children develop social skills through structured music classes

  • Social skills are built by learning how to move with other people, sharing a space, giving way, taking turns and sharing equipment with others.
  • Jo Jingles classes have helped our shy children develop in confidence and after a few weeks of attending the sessions they started to join in and have the confidence to stand up and do the copy me action songs.

Why did you choose Jo Jingles for your nursery sessions?

We asked our parents to select which external children's activity supplier they would like to do weekly sessions at the preschool and our parents chose Jo Jingles! It's been over a year now and we have never looked back as the children are gaining in confidence and building new listening and attention skills all the time.

"Each week Jo Jingles delivers different ways to interact with the children using simple music, movement and songs in a way that helps them learn whilst having fun. Jo Jingles is an amazing experience that all children should have the opportunity to enjoy!"

Marj Spendlow
Deputy Manager / SENCO
Barrowby Preschool, Grantham

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