Meet Jenny Roper ... Bedfordshire franchisee

Meet Jen Roper: From Admin Management to Making Musical Memories with Jo Jingles

Introduction to Jen

Jen Roper, based in Bedfordshire, has become an inspiring figure in the Jo Jingles family. Her journey from administrative management to running her own Jo Jingles franchise is a testament to her passion for children’s education and music.

A Family Connection

Jen’s connection to Jo Jingles began seven years ago when her mum and eldest son attended classes. They were captivated by the fun, welcoming environment, and the positive impact on her son’s confidence and social skills. This sparked an interest in Jen, leading her to attend some classes herself.

The Leap into Franchising

When Jen learned the local franchisee was looking to sell, she felt a strong pull towards the opportunity. She missed working with children and cherished the joy and educational benefits that music provides. Having worked and volunteered with children, including those with learning difficulties, and being actively involved in music performances and concerts, Jen realized she had the perfect skill set for a Jo Jingles franchisee.

Preparation and Decision-Making

Jen did her homework meticulously. She attended numerous classes, sought advice from self-employed friends, and had in-depth discussions with her husband, family, and friends. She visited classes with the current franchisee and the neighboring franchisee in North Herts, ensuring she had a comprehensive understanding of the business.

Support from Jo Jingles Community

Meeting with the Jo Jingles Head Office and other franchisees online, Jen found them to be passionate, positive, talented, and supportive. This community spirit solidified her decision. She felt well-prepared and supported, ready to embark on this new adventure.

Starting Her Franchise

With a loan and savings from her previous job, Jen took the plunge. Running her first classes and meeting children and their families was exhilarating. Seeing the difference she made to their preschool years was incredibly rewarding. Taking her own new bookings for classes was especially exciting.

Advice for Aspiring Franchisees

Jen offers invaluable advice for those considering a Jo Jingles franchise:

Do Your Homework: Read every document thoroughly and seek clarification from Head Office on anything you’re unsure of.

Seek Independent Advice: Consult a solicitor if needed and use government resources for support on being self-employed and understanding your legal duties.

Gain Support: Ensure you have the support and patience from your family and friends.

Attend Classes: Attend as many different classes as you can, in various settings, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Head Office is very approachable.

Be Realistic: Understand that running a franchise involves significant administrative work in addition to delivering classes. Keep track of deadlines such as tax returns and management reports.

Stay Organized: Keep your documents secure, up-to-date, and organized. Google Drive can be a useful tool.

Prepare for the Unexpected: Every day will be different. Believe in yourself, and know that challenging days are part of the journey. Many days will leave you with a smile, knowing you’ve made a difference.


Jen's journey with Jo Jingles is a story of passion, preparation, and the joy of making a difference in children’s lives. Her experience and advice are invaluable to anyone looking to follow in her footsteps. Jen’s dedication and enthusiasm exemplify what it means to be part of the Jo Jingles family, bringing musical joy and education to preschoolers.

For those inspired by Jen’s story, Jo Jingles offers a supportive community and a fulfilling career path that blends the joy of music with the rewards of working with children. Are you ready to make a difference like Jen? Join the Jo Jingles family today!

Check out Jen's Interview with Jo HERE:

Meet Jenny Roper ... Bedfordshire franchisee

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