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We’ve created the Jo Jingle’s business blog to bring together lots of tips, insight and practical advice for those interested in setting up their own business running baby, toddler and pre-school music classes for under 5’s in their local area.

Jo Jingles pre-school singing, music and movement classes have been successfully running for 25 years in the UK so know a thing or two about delivering popular children’s classes and running a successful business. We want to share what we’ve learned with music loving women and men that are looking for an opportunity to enjoy a rewarding career working with young children that also meets their personal and financial goals.

Whether you’re musical or not, if your Instagram and Facebook feeds are filled with #Mumpreneur #BusinessOwner #Family, #Parenting, #ToddlerLife and #babiesOfInstagram content and you have an interest in running your own flexible, family friendly business with multiple income streams available, Jo Jingles could be a great fit for you.

Browse our business blog for articles in the following categories to find out more:

  • Setting up a successful business
  • Introduction to Franchising
  • Becoming a Jo Jingles Franchisee
  • Case studies from our existing Franchisees
  • Jo Jingles franchises for Sale

Setting up a successful business

  1. 10 tips for marketing your new franchise business
  2. How to set up baby classes in your local area

Introduction to Franchising

  1. What's included in a Franchise fee?
  2. Consider these 6 things before setting up a Franchise Business

Becoming a Jo Jingles Franchisee

  1. How much does a Jo Jingles franchise cost?

Jo Jingles franchises for Sale

  1. Part time franchises available in London
  2. Jo Jingles Tunbridge Wells is available for sale
  3. Jo Jingles Farnham is available for sale

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Jo Jingles provides music, singing and movement classes for children aged 3 months to five years across the UK. Our fun, interactive and educational classes are run by experienced class teachers at more than 700 centres nationwide.

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